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Louisiana criminal defense in drunk driving cases requires a fast, aggressive and thorough defense. As a Hammond DWI defense attorney, I thoroughly investigate every legal matter I take on for my clients, including issues of license suspensions, revocations and the drunk driving charges themselves.

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License Suspension 

Will I Lose My License? Will I Go to Jail? How Much Will This Cost Me?

I understand the importance of having a driver's license in good standing. It is necessary in
getting you to and from work, helping you pursue employment without hesitation
and meeting obligations to your family and loved ones.

I work to resolve your DWI issues without your having to go to court whenever possible, and I will
work closely with your prosecutor to help you avoid the needless costs
associated with going to court for weak DWI cases. My thorough investigations
help protect your rights, your freedoms and your finances.

I make sure to represent you aggressively by reviewing police reports, video evidence,
probable cause, field sobriety test processes and any procedures that were not
properly followed during your traffic stop. Evidence that was not obtained
properly should be suppressed.

Clients contact me for help in avoiding long-lasting consequences of DWI through my thorough investigation and the questioning of evidence held against you.

License suspension appeal and replacement licenses: 

If your license was taken away during an arrest for a DWI, you normally have only a few weeks to legally drive before a suspension takes effect. However, you may be able to continue to get a
replacement license card and also continue to drive for longer than the initial
few weeks if you act quickly. As a Hammond DWI defense lawyer, I know how to
appeal your driver's license suspension and keep you driving indefinitely until
your appeal is decided.

Administrative appeals: 

An administrative appeal is separate from the criminal process and must be filed within a specific time frame. Even when your case is in the administrative appeal process, you still must make a criminal
court appearance.

You have a story to tell, and I can help you be heard. As your lawyer, I will
defend you, your liberty, your rights and your reputation aggressively.

Swift Resolutions and Protection of Your Rights

E-mail me, call me at 985-310-6900 / (985) 320-6554 or stop by my office. I will take the time
to discuss your legal matter and address your concerns.

If it matters to you, it matters to me.

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